The Temple

"Look out on waters, walks and gardens green."
Wrote William Wordsworth about the Temple in The Prelude

The name comes from Temple of Solomon and taken by the Crusaders, with their white tunics and a red cross on their breast they travelled to the crusade in the Holy Land. Upon their return, they acquired some land in 1162 between Fleet Street and the River Thames and built a church known as the Temple.

A tranquil garden complete with a fountain in front of the church.

View looking down to the Thames with the Great Hall on the left, with the Holy Lamb and flag on the lamppost rail on the right.

Middle Temple Hall. Built in 1563 and used for banquets and plays in fact on February 2nd 1601 Shakespeare's Twelfth night was premiered here in front of Shakespeare and Elizabeth I.

Ben Jonson's head, Devereux Court.

Arch to the law offices built after the Great Fire of 1666 in 1677.

Temple - You Tube Documentary -

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