King Henry VIII of England


Anne of Cleves

Born 1515: Married 1540: Divorced 1540: Died 1557

   Tower of London

After the death of Jane Seymour, Henry remained single for more than two years. On January 6, 1540, Henry took Anne of Cleves for his next wife, although she was ill-suited for the life of a queen, having been educated in a domestic role, rather than that of an English Queen. Also, it is said that Henry did not find her attractive and called her a 'Flanders Mare'. Meanwhile, Henry’s roving eye was now firmly on Kathryn Howard, Anne wishing not to lose her head agreed to a quiet divorce. She accepted the title of Kings Sister and was given Hever Castle, the former home of Anne Boleyn as her royal residency. After the divorce Anne lived in obscurity until her death, she is buried as she lived, in an obscure grave in Westminster Abbey.

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