King Henry VIII of England


Catherine Howard

Born 1521: Married 1540: Executed 1542

   Traitors Gate

The first cousin of Anne Boleyn and a lady in waiting to Anne of Cleves, Kathryn Howard was ill-fated to be Henry’s fifth wife. His youngest wife at nineteen, although Queen for less than two years, she was another of the wives to receive the Henry Chop. At first, his ravaging young wife besotted Henry and put the spice back into his ageing life. Kathryn’s big mistake was to have a young admirer as her personal assistant, a dangerous thing for such a young wife to do. The evidence soon mounted of various liaisons that had taken place; she was executed on 13 of February 1542.
She was buried near her cousin Anne Boleyn
at the Tower of London.

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