Edwardian Ladies Fashions

After the dark days of the Victorian fashions where a glimpse of a stocking was something shocking, and her majesty Queen Victoria had remained in black all the years after the early death of her husband Prince Albert, Edwardian lady with hat the Edwardians were going to change the world for women. No longer was a woman someone to remain at home to be at her husband's beck and call, the Edwardian woman wanted the same rights as men. To be able to smoke in public usually through a long cigarette holder, to be able to vote, to have a well-paid job and to become independent. This was a time of great wealth for the upper classes who demanded respect and obedience from the working classes. With social reform and plenty of spending money the ladies of these times indulged in ever so glamorous clothing and makeup. Those red ruby lips and eyeshadow, accompanied by those far out hats, that can only be seen these days at the Epsom Derby, were in those far-off days all a flow along Regent Street. These would become the mothers of the roaring twenties where fashion would become even more risqué. The Edwardian Lady spent vast sums on perfumes that had just begun to surface from France with such flagrancies that their mother would dare not to use. These were elegant days the like that have never been seen again.

edwardian lady with hat
The roaring twenties where fashion would become even more risqué.

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