Antrim Gardens Relics

For relic seekers with some time on their hands, there is another garden, this time in Hampstead, which is well worth a visit when you’re close by.

   Well head taken from the original House of Commons

Antrim Grove has a small children’s playground area called Antrim Gardens, formerly used as a tennis court. Visiting this small park has a surprise in store, for here we can have two curiosities for the price of one.

There is a well-head made from the stonework taken from the original House of Commons, which suffered a fire in 1834.

   Baluster from the original Waterloo Bridge

The Houses of Parliament we see today were rebuilt by architect Charles Barry, after a fire.

There is also a baluster from the original John Rennie’s Waterloo Bridge, (demolished in 1936). When this was originally erected in the gardens it was converted into a sundial, but with the passing of time (excuse the pun) the only thing left remaining are the scars where the sundial fittings were once attached. Both these items were presented by a Mr and Mrs Lionel Barnett in 1945.

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