The London Village

London is a series of little villages, although a big city, London has a unique style of its own. If you know where to go you can get away from the busy streets and be in the countryside from one road to the next.

old shopping mall

Take the above picture, less than a minute away from Euston Road - a six-lane carriageway, yet you can be transported to this Victorian side street looking in the unique shopping mall of Olde London. One time resident of this charming place was W. B. Yates the Irish Poet.

old curiosity shop

The Old Curiosity Shop in an offbeat corner of London. This little shop is known throughout the world. Charles Dickens made it famous in his book of the same name.

old garage in London

Tucked away from the busy traffic of Tottenham court road is this charming Village Garage in Bloomsbury, left behind from the 1930's, except for the prices that is. It was on the corner of Store Street and Ridgemount gardens, sadly now demolished.

This garage has been closed for some time and has since being demolished.

Old fire station

Once this fire station housed two fire engines, sirens, fire pole and several burly firefighters. Nowadays it stands hidden by the new road layout of busy Old Street. The road has been cut off with extended pavements in a crescent of Tabernacle Street and Paul Street, without passing traffic or clanging bells except maybe a tea trolley or the odd clinking wine glasses. It is now aptly named 'The Firehouse restaurant.' And like the fire station you can expect a warm welcome here!

Lock & co the Hatters with a shop on St James's Street that dates back to the sixteenth century.

London Time

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