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Lyceum Theatre

The first theatre on this site was in 1772 and less than forty years later a new theatre built by Samuel Beazley was opened. This was to be the first theatre to be lit by gas. Just fifteen years later this building was burnt to the ground and once again Beazley set about designing a new theatre that was completed by 1834. By 1904 the theatre had been rebuilt and the only thing left from the old theatre is its grand portico that we can still see today. It was due to be demolished in the mid-thirties but work was halted on the outbreak of World War II, miraculously demolition was put off after the war giving the theatre another life. It then went through many incarnations as Mecca dance hall, Rock and T.V venue before closing in the mid-eighties. Left derelict for almost ten years when it was finally restored and reopened in 1996 with the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” by Lloyd and Webber. It has gone from strength to strength and for the last few years Has been the home of London’s top musical The Lion King.

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