Lungs of London - Holland Park

Holland House during renovation work

Holland House is a remarkable example of Jacobean architecture, dating back to 1605 when known as Cope Castle after its first owner Sir Walter Cope a favourite of James I.

The Garden Ballroom now the Belvedere Restaurant

In 1624 it passed by the marriage of Cope's daughter to Henry Rich the Earl of Holland, (a district of Lincolnshire) thereby taking the name Holland House. In 1716 it passed through marriage to Joseph Addison the essayist, who described the setting of Holland House as a rural setting in his letters. He died here in 1719.

The gateway to Holland House attributed to Inigo Jones 1629.

On the 27th of September 1940 Holland House received some bomb damage, the house and gardens were first opened to the public in 1952 forming one of London's most beautiful public spaces, and Kensington's largest park.

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