Royal Hospital Chelsea

Royal Hospital side view
Royal Hospital Chelsea

Royal Hospital Chelsea was said to be the brainchild of Nell Gwyn, King Charles II痴 mistress when she came across a ragged civil war veteran who was begging in the street.

Royal Hospital front
Chelsea Hospital Founded in 1682 by King Charles II.

Inspired by Louis XIV's 'Hotel des Invalides' in Paris Charles wanted to create an equally splendid home for his veteran soldiers. Designed by Wren and built on the former site of the uncompleted building of the former "Chelsey College" on the banks of the River Thames. It had also been used to house the prisoners of the Civil War, and again for prisoners of the Dutch war in 1667 before becoming a hospital for the army soldiers. This beautiful building has such a vast history behind its doors, yet to be discovered by the hordes of tourists, it is well worth a visit and comparable to 'Hotel des Invalides' in Paris minus Napoleon's tomb and better still the entrance fee is free.

Hotel des Invalides
Louis XIV's Hotel des Invalides in Paris inspiration for the Chelsea Hospital

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Royal Hospital Chelsea

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