The Rose Theatre

Blue plaque site of the Rose Theatre

The Rose Theatre of 1587 was the fifth theatre to be built in London and preceded the Globe theatre by a dozen years. The area of Bankside at the time was popular for its 'stews' (brothels) and bear-baiting. It was here on two plots of a Rose Garden the theatre was erected. The owner of the Rose was property tycoon Philip Henslowe, who in 1619 also founded Dulwich College or 'College of God's gift' as it was then known. The Rose was rediscovered as late as 1989 during a new redevelopment. Work was halted with many protesters including Sir Laurence Olivier; calling for the preservation of this the only relic of an Elizabethan Theatre. It was later decided to keep it within the modern building without moving it.

Rose Alley
The older side of Rose Alley.

London Time

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