Our Victorian cookbook is designed to help recreate the exact preparation and cooking instructions which our Victorian ancestors would be most familiar with. We have made it easy to print off the recipes for your private use, and hope that you will enjoy cooking some of these delicious dishes. So as to be authentic we have chosen to use the measurements from the Victorian period with the cooking instruction also from those times.


6 hard-boiled eggs;
1 tablespoon of arrowroot;
1 tablespoon of curry powder;
1 onion;
pint of milk;
pint of cocoanut water;
boiled rice;
1 tablespoon of chopped ham;
lemon juice;
1 OZ of butter;

The eggs should be boiled hard and put into cold water until needed.
Peel and mince the onion.
Melt the butter in a pan, add the onion and fry.
Add the curry powder and arrowroot and fry without browning.
Add the ham and stir for a few minutes in the butter,
then gradually stir in the milk and coconut water.
Stir until boiling, then simmer for 10 minutes.
Add salt, and, if liked, a little cayenne pepper and a few drops of lemon juice.
Peel the eggs and cut them in quarters.
Keep back a few quarters for garnish and mix the rest with the curry sauce.
Make hot.
Arrange some boiled rice in a circle on a hot dish, put the curried egg in the centre,
and place the remainder of the sliced egg just inside the border of rice on the top of the curry.
Hand chutney or fried strips of herring.
For 5 or 6 persons.
Time- 15 t0 20 minutes.

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