Tea should not be bought in large quantities, and only a good brand should be chosen. Cheap tea is no economy as it will not go so far as a good brand and is very often adulterated . After tea is made, it should not be allowed to stand or brew too long or the tannin will be drawn out of it, and will cause indigestion and is also injurious to the nerves.

Always use freshly boiled water for making tea. It is not advisable to use water which has already boiled and is then put on the fire to re-boil. A teapot must be kept properly clean and must never be put away with the tea leaves in it. Always warm the teapot before making the tea by pouring in a little boiling water or by letting the teapot stand in a warm place. The usual proportion of tea is 1 teaspoonful per person, and 1 for the pot, but if tea is being made for a large number of people, smaller proportions may be allowed. Put the tea into the warmed pot, then half-fill the teapot with absolutely boiling water. Let it stand for 3 minutes in a warm place or under a tea-cosy, fill up the teapot with boiling water and pour out the tea at once. Tea should never be allowed to stand.

If only 1 cup of tea is required, it may be made in a perforated spoon, which is placed in the cup and boiling water poured over it. Sugar and milk are usually handed with the tea. When serving cups of tea, always add the milk to the cups before pouring out the tea.

Russian tea is made in the same manner as above, but slices of lemon are handed in place of milk. The lemon should be wiped and thin slices cut through the rind and pulp. A slice put in each cup.

Iced tea make the tea as above, let it infuse for 3 or 4 minutes, strain it into a jug and let it become cold, then put some crushed ice into a large glass with a slice of lemon and sugar, if desired, and fill it up with the cold tea. This is a very refreshing drink in hot weather.

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